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Welcome to Cholera Cafe'


Cholera Cafe' is a space dedicated to international health care workers made by international health care workers. It provides free resources on different disciplines that are useful in international humanitarian aid and a guestbook through which to interact and/or join the group.
The aim is to share information of epidemiological and humanitarian significance among the humanitarian community with the intent of ultimately improving the conditions of vulnerable people.


The team that contributed to Cholera Cafe' is diverse but accomunated by direct experiences in international relief and development programmes focusing on health. It consists of medical doctors (infectious disease physicians and public health specialists), legal advisors, psychologists and experts in geopolitics and financial management. All their contributions to the website deal with aspects of international health that partain their specific fields, offering a diverse and possibly more comprehensive view, of issues that each of us has experienced whilst working abroad in relief or deveolpment missions.

How Cholera Cafe' has changed and why

Cholera Cafe' has been active since September 2006.
The first version of the website was equipped with a php news and forum function that was difficult to keep up and did not attract many members, possibly because of the selective nature of the topics we deal with.
Old website

The new website

The new website builds on the most appreciated aspacts of the old one: the freely accessible resources. The idea is to increase our efforts in providing manuals, articles and links of use for us and our colleagues oround the world.

How should you use Cholera Cafe'?

Terms of use

CC is a freely available resource, all those who are interested are welcome to use it, share it and contribute in expanding and improving it.

Any parts of this website may be cited, copied and translated into other languages or adapted to meet local needs without permission, provided that the source is clearly stated.

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